Finding a figure-flattering bathing suit that not only looks good but feels good is an annual challenge that can become increasingly frustrating (especially as our bodies change and flux over the years!) Generally, women’s body types fall into a few different categories. These categories act as somewhat of a cheat sheet for finding figure-flattering bathing suits. 

Ultimately, comfort is prioritized when choosing a swimsuit, but looking as good as you feel can be a truly difficult, frustrating thing to achieve. Try not to think of our suggestions as to the “absolute word” because every woman has a different objective when it comes to style and taste. We just have some really good points about how you go about finding figure-flattering bathing suits.

Getting the right fit for your body us guaranteed to leave you feeling confident and beautiful. So get ready to brace yourself for the following stunning swimsuit styles that we’ve matched to undoubtedly flatter your body type.

Athletic build body-type

If your body stays fairly equal in width from shoulders to hips, with a smaller bust and hips, you likely fall into this body-type category.

Examples of the athletic body type
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You’ll want to take advantage of having a smaller bust by choosing plunging V-necks, tops with skimpier cups and ties, and bandeau tops. Pair these tops with high-cut, high-waisted bottoms to accentuate your waist and legs. 

Halle Berry in a athletic one piece bathing suit
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If you’d prefer some one-piece action, aim for pieces with cutouts or an asymmetrical build, like one-shoulder pieces. Monokinis also nails this idea, and the cutouts in the torso and waist area will flatter just as nicely as a two-piece.

Apple Shapes

These body types generally have wider hips, smaller shoulders, and a full bust and torso. 

The apple shaped body type
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To fully accentuate a curvier lower half, try pairing colourful high-waisted bottoms with a plunging top. 

colourful swimsuit bottoms for figure flattering an apple shape body
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Bottoms with ties on the sides or ruching will better accentuate your waist and make your torso more pronounced–this can be incorporated in one-pieces with ruching along the sides or even with a tie around the waist. Halter tops offer plenty of support and draw the eyes up, also making your torso appear longer.

Pear Shapes

Having a pear-shaped body means that your shoulders and waist are smaller and delicate, while your hips hold the most curve and extend beyond your shoulders. 

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Some of the most flattering bathing suit styles for this body type are monokinis, high-waisted bottoms, one-pieces with cutouts, and bright tops with deep necklines. 

Pairing a bold top with more subdued bottoms will bring more attention to your bust and top, balancing out your proportions in a highly flattering way. Monokinis with low necks and high-cut legs also accentuate your top while lengthening your legs and torso–the perfect combination.

Styles For Small Busts

Depending on how your lower half is built, sometimes your top will match and other times it may feel disproportioned, creating woes when choosing a size and a style. In either case, like women with athletic builds, choosing styles that are skimpier up top or built with support and a flattering underwire will highlight your curves in spectacular ways. 

Go for triangle tops in bold colours, taking advantage of a lower need of support with thin straps and ties. A push-up or bra-style top will offer lift and support, keeping you equally comfortable and confident.

Hourglass Shapes

An hourglass figure will be equally proportioned in the hips and bust, with a smaller waist in between. For that reason, choosing a two-piece bikini set will flatter your curves and accentuate your waist, creating an astounding overall effect. 

hour glass body shape
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Bottoms with high-leg cuts will extend your legs, making your proportions even more flattering. Pair this with a triangle top or a low neckline and you’ll achieve a perfectly proportioned ratio between your top and lower half, drawing the eyes up, down, and ultimately, to your waist. 

Kim Kardashian finding figure flattering bathing suits for her hourglass slash pear shaped body
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Bright, bold colours look stunning paired with these styles, whether you opt for a two-piece set or a monokini with plenty of cut-outs.

Styles For Bigger Busts

Comfort can be an especially tricky quality to find if you have a full chest, but there are swimsuit styles that achieve this while still being cute. 

figure flattering bathing suit for big boobs is a halter top bikini top
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Opt for tops with wide straps, higher backs, or halter ties to give you that extra support. Flattering underwire and padded cups help mimic the support and fit of a bra, a stark difference to the thin, flimsier tops that not all women can safely get away with. 

Monokinis offer support and peace of mind while still showing plenty of skin, and with the many colours and styles available, you’ll find a flattering, comfortable fit long before summer rolls around. 

Do you have a knack for finding figure-flattering bathing suits? If so we want to feature you on our website! Send us your pics and we’ll gladly post your images to compliment the content on our site!