Monte Priice of The Mahntag

A Music Producer, Editor & Composer, Priice specializes in creating music for Independent Artists, T.V, Film, Commercials and Media. Having immersed himself in the genres of traditional Hip Hop and R&B, the influence of alternative music creation sparked a journey of experimentation. This allowed him to adapt and take on many variations, making introductions into […]

Special Kace of Special Kace Consultancy

A multidisciplinary entrepreneur, Special Kace builds to create avenues through her work as a published stylist, successful business owner, creative director and runway show producer. Her company strives to be the change we want to see in old industry ways. Helping creatives go from mind to map, Kace’s teaching and consulting style opens doors to […]

Sean Diamond of The SSC

Sean Diamond is a highly skilled and innovative photographer whose work has been recognized in an array of magazine publications such as the cover of Playboy, GMARO Mag, Voyage LA, Picton, EVON and many more. His passion and vision elevates high end brands, portfolios, and artistic creations through his wealth of knowledge and 10 years […]

Archie Scully

As a business enthusiast, Scully took on a keen urge to pursue ventures in finance with an emphasis on bridging the gap between big ideas, resources, and our capabilities. His friendship with Kirkey started in their hometown with many personal experiences shared and mutual support gained. To build a foundational uprise throughout the Petty-boii brand […]

Austin Kirkey

As a young boy, Kirkey’s closet has been the most colorful, baddest expression of his raw talent and unique appeal. A driven undergrad from Sudbury, with hopes of getting through business school, Kirkey strapped up those boots and got to digging. Completing business school was one thing, and after enduring a few challenging years, Kirkey’s […]