With temperatures rising, beach days and swimsuits cross our minds more than ever. You may be thinking of new styles you want to try, new colors and designs, or you’re trying to plan some swimsuit outfit ideas for your next vacation. Because no swimsuit should be limited to warm weather and sunny skies. That’s why having a few cute swimsuit outfit ideas in your fashion arsenal is such a great idea. 

Let’s take a look at what swimwear outfits are trending this year.

This summer is all about accessorizing and adding small but stylish details. Think of belly chains, layered necklaces, rings on each finger, and a sarong to match all your favorite suits. Nothing too fancy-and that’s the idea. 

Accentuate And Enhance

Let your swimsuit steal all the glamour by adding enhancing touches or by keeping your shirt and pants plain. A patterned bikini set or one-piece look especially stunning underneath a plain, flowy button-down or paired with a loose cardigan.

Cardigan over a bikini top

Follow the same route with your bottoms, choosing flowy linen shorts or a breezy skirt.

Wear Your Bikini Top As A Crop Top

Nothing looks cuter than a bikini top paired with high-waisted jeans or a pair of linen pants. Try pairing a bikini top with jeans and a loose button-down shirt for a cute but casual look. Shorts and skirts look just as great with bikini tops. Your options are nearly limitless for this fun take on trendy cropped outfits.

bikini top with high waisted jeans
Image source: hollywoodlife.com
bikini top with linen pants and button down
Image source: hollywoodlife.com

Are your boobs on the larger side? Read all about how to find flattering bikini tops for big busts.

Matching Sets

Matching sets aren’t going out of style anytime soon and for good reason.

swimsuit outfit ideas include matching sets like this one
Image source: Elle.com

Try pairing a cute short or skirt two-piece set with your swimsuit. Keep your top unbuttoned or loose, allowing your bikini to peek out and add pops of color and texture. 


2022 has been the year of simple, tasteful style. This extends over into swimwear too, but not quite in the same way as regular fashion. For a trendy swimwear outfit, try adding gold or silver jewelry to your ensemble. Simple metals contrast beautifully against tan skin, colorful bikinis, and summery looks. 

One-piece swimsuit outfit ideas

In the swimwear-outfit world, one-pieces become a new type of bodysuit. Anything your bodysuit can do a one-piece can do-and in the water, too. 

One-piece swimsuit outfit ideas include wearing them as bodysuits like these celebs
Image source: people.com

For best results, treat your one-piece just like a standard bodysuit. Wear it under jeans, jean shorts, skirts, you name it.

With all the insanely cute one-piece swimsuits available, you may already be doing this. If not, this style idea is a great way to take advantage of cute swimwear all year round. The customization options are nearly limitless-keep it casual, make it a bit fancy, or somewhere right in between. 

Sheer Looks

Sheer tops look stunning over a one-piece. And with the variety of sheer shirts and tees out there, you’ll be able to create some truly unique looks this summer. As a bonus, sheer tops are breezy, light, and altogether perfect for summer days. For less coverage, try adding a sheer or lace cardigan. 

sheer cover up are great way to spice up your beachwear outfits

Ideas For Full-Figured Women

You should ultimately dress in the styles and outfits that make you feel best. Some pieces and looks are more flattering/comfortable for you but that’s for you to decide. Beachwear swimsuit plus size curvy outfit ideas can be anything that suits your body.

beachwear swimsuit plus size curvy outfit ideas


Button-ups cross over between a few different style ideas. They’re a universally flattering look, adhering to the fashion ‘rule’ of pairing something fitted with something loose. A button-up long-sleeve looks great over a bikini top or one-piece of any style. Try to keep it plain, as this will better allow your swimsuit to shine. If you like the oversized look, you can even wear a button-down as a dress. 

flowy button down over your bikini is one of our swimwear outfit ideas
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Wide-Leg Pants

Linen pants with wide legs are a trendy addition to any swimwear outfit. Try wearing these loose pants with just your bikini top, creating a cute cropped outfit for the beach and boardwalk. 

Swimsuit Outfit Ideas For Men

For men, you’ll want to treat your swim shorts like regular shorts. Take advantage of their versatility and pair them with t-shirts, hoodies, or long sleeves.

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Pair Opposites

If you have plain shorts, try pairing them with a graphic or colorful top. For colorful or printed shorts, add a simple or monochromatic top. Graphic tees are a functional and trendy way to create a put-together look. Hoodies give a more casual feel, which is great for those beach bonfire nights.