Now that summer is around the corner, it’s time to rock a bikini body. We’ve gathered a list of at-home abs exercises you can do from the comfort of your own room. This is definitely a summer ab workout for a bikini body.

Besides aesthetics, training your abs is also important for your health – It’s about time to stop neglecting your midsection muscles and reveal the sick pack underneath. Let’s take a look at the summer ab workout for a bikini body so you can look fantastic this summer when wearing our Petty-boii bikini tops and cheeky bottoms!

summer body ab workout
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10 exercises to tone your abs and look fantastic in a bikini

#1. Planking

The often dreaded exercise is actually great for strengthening your core and abdominals. Planks are terrific for targeting muscle groups that commonly strain people, thereby reducing anxiety and worry.

So get rid of your fear and hold the plank position for at least one minute.

#2. Side Plank

There are variations to the traditional prank, and this is one of them. Besides building core strength, the side plank pose strengthens the oblique abdominal muscles and improves balance.

#3. Regular Crunches

We can’t not-mention regular crunches in this guide. Crunches are the traditional, most popular exercise to get a defined six-pack. It builds your core and is friendly to your muscles, meaning most people can engage in it.

#4. Ab Rollout

As the name suggests, it involves rolling a ball or other suitable equipment. The stability ball ab rollout strengthens your core, leading to less back pain, better balance, and better trunk flexion, extension, and rotation.

#5. Hip Lifts

This exercise works the abdominals, including the lower abs, while keeping your head and shoulders on the mat.

#6. Flutter Kicks

If you’re looking for a killer ab exercise, this is one of them. It leaves you more exhausted than one may think. They Activate your hip-flexor muscles, lower-back muscles, and quads.

#7. Scissor Kicks

This one works the same muscle groups as the previous exercise. And its performance is really similar too.

#8. V-Ups

V-Ups is an exercise that works your abdominal muscles, glutes, and hip flexors, building core strength as a result.

#9. Toe Touches

As its name suggests, you’ll be laying on the back, trying to touch your toes. The toe touch exercise fully engages the abdominal wall, toning your abs, slimming your waist, and strengthening your core.

#10. Plank Rolls

The rolling side plank is a core stability exercise that increases core strength and endurance. It’s one of the hardest you can do, so props to you if you master it!

Stay consistent with a healthy lifestyle

So much of our happiness is based on how we feel. If you can accept this truth then it would only make sense to accept the fact that eating healthy, and getting fit is the foundation of happiness. Keep an active and healthy lifestyle so you can feel fantastic about your life. Hopefully, this summer ab workout for a bikini body finds you well and you stay consistent enough to see the results in the first 6 weeks.

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