Cheeky Swimsuits

Cheeky bikinis, brazilian bikini bottoms, halter top bathing suits, we got you covered with Petty-boii Swimwear! Introducing Our Cheeky Launch Collection, infused with the ultimate cheeky swimsuits for your perfect fit and classic style. Inspired by Toronto’s best, we’ve cultivated from our thickest fabrics to deliver on quality. Women’s swimwear has evolved and our unique designs have been iconic to the industry. Stand out from the crowd with desirable beauty, fun and get cheeky!

Built to last, our cheeky bikinis feature the most flattering high cut bikini bottoms that emphasize your best shape. No more cheap strapless bikini tops or regular black bikini bottoms. Elevate your look with a variety of bold and vibrant colours, with a fearless attitude. Each of our designs are perfectly selected to embody your strongest traits and drafted to look and feel your best. Nothing beats our level of quality. Only top of the line, industry standards!

Swimsuits Toronto has changed. We’ve learned to level up, so go on, be petty and stand proud. You deserve it. Make a statement with your cheeky bikini and be unapologetic about it. Add swag to your step, and boost your confidence. High waisted cheeky swimsuits are in, and you don’t want to miss out. Pre-order yours today! Join the movement, or get left behind. Petty behaviour deserves our petty style. We’re petty by nature.

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