the story of



“we don’t take any losses”

This unique and personal story may stem from swimwear, although our cheeky bikinis are just the tip of the iceberg. The Story of Petty-boii started as a love story, one of burning desire and passion, turned intensely dark. A complete twist in expectations and undyingly relatable. Have you ever loved and lost? What does rock bottom look like?

Meet our very own CEO, Austin Kirkey. Born and raised in Sudbury were his exact experiences happened. How did a rural guy build bridges to swimwear in Toronto? The girl of his dreams, a hopeless romantic. A snake in the grass. Let’s just say, when storms pass, the seeds of potential get planted. Ideas bear fruit. Brands are born. Through every experience, we get better, adapt, and evolve. Welcome to Growth. Defining Petty on a pedestal.

Are you ready for Petty?

How It All Started

falling in love

Have you ever fallen in love with someone so hard, so fast, it makes you question everything in your life? Did it feel like the person ripped your heart from your chest?


The story of the Petty-boii brand starts off quite dark. It’s intimate and personal. My friend and I knew each other from way back in high school, 2009 Junior Year. She came around in January 2020. It’s interesting how time flies.


I fell in love the first morning we woke up beside each other and instantly, my life started to change. We spent every day with each other and I shared moments with this girl I’ve never had before. She lived so close that we were never that far apart. Life was good.

After nine short months of rotating houses, we moved in together with the best intentions. I wanted to cut costs and she just loved being home with me. We accepted and committed to our relationship and it wasn’t long before we wanted more; we wanted to start a family.


Boy, did we fucking go at it!


Finally, she gets pregnant. And I can honestly say I was thrilled. I really wanted to be the best father to our child. But things aren’t always what they seem. This is the part when the truth starts to surface. Lies started to overlap, the sequence didn’t seem right. I got curious, suspicious even, so I started to put puzzle pieces together.

dark twisted turn

I work countless weeks away, sacrificed to provide the best possible life for my soon-to-be family. And the cherry on top? SHE’S BEEN SLEEPING WITH MY BOY. IN OUR HOUSE. IN OUR BED.


I introduced these two and we spent endless days and nights together. I can’t believe the amount of times these two sat at the same dinner table with me, shared a meal and then fucked in my bed.


I had the most dark and complex year of challenges. I didn’t over react, although I did start to indulge in a world full of empty promises, drug abuse and depression. When the perfect opportunity came, I confronted this guy. It didn’t take many words, but I know he felt it. Our dynamic love triangle was the talk of the town.

I found out he took to social media the next day and called me a PETTY-BOII. How ironic. I’M THE PETTY ONE?


I don’t have time to be petty. I’m a young and ambitious hustler with dreams of creating and owning my own brand. I needed a new outlook, a new plan. So off to Toronto I go, with a bold vision and ready to strap on my boots and get to it.

the creation

So what do I want?

She always talked about becoming an ambassador for swimwear. We even talked about starting a collection together.

He called me petty on social media.

Let’s take the best of both worlds.

Introducing Petty-boii Swimwear.

Kobe Bryant once said “Everything negative – pressure, challenges- it’s all an opportunity for me to rise.” The best revenge is success. Go ‘head, call me petty.