Summer is fast approaching–are you ready for it? For most of us, this warm part of the year is something we constantly look forward to, especially during these winter months. Choosing swimsuits for the summer season is nearly as enjoyable as the swimming itself, and the hottest swimwear trends for summer 2022 promise to flatter bodies of all types.

Crochet Suits

Yarn may seem like odd swimsuit material, but the trends this year strongly beg to differ. These two-piece or one-piece suits are crocheted to create unique patterns and textures, both aspects unmatched by other swimsuit materials and designs.

Multiple colours and various designs can be used in one piece, ensuring that every stitch is utterly unique. Be comforted knowing that coverage is added where needed, meaning you won’t have to worry about any unseemly gaps between stitches. For 2022 summer, the pattern and texture of swimsuits are what will set your look apart, and choosing a crochet piece is a perfectly daring way to accomplish that.

Crochet swimsuits are the latest fad for 2022
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Cheeky Bottom String Suits

Cheeky swim bottoms will likely be trendy for as long as we continue to orbit around the sun. This is great news, as many of us find ourselves feeling the most comfortable and appealing in these flattering bottoms. To up the trendiness, pick cheeky bottoms with tie details.

Ideally, the strings will dangle down the thigh, giving your look movement and further flattering the cut of the bottoms. These ties hugely assist in both size adjustment and where you’d like your bottoms to sit–up high on your hips, down on your waist, or anywhere in between.

All the models on the bow of a yacht in the first cheeky collection photoshoot
Petty-boii Cheeky Collection


The best cross between a two and a one-piece is the monokini, perfect for anyone looking for something a bit different. The trends for 2022 swimwear agree as well, as monokinis come in a wide variety of designs, textures, prints, and colours. with an equally impressive selection of cutouts and embellishments.

Black monikini worn by a Petty-boii model

This range of characteristics enhances the trendiness of this swimsuit style, as a monokini can adapt each year to fit current trends. For 2022, choosing a monokini with bold colours, gorgeous prints, and only a small amount of fabric connecting top to bottom is the best way to go.

Bandeau Tops

A perfect way to riff off the summery tube-top trend is with a bandeau-style bikini top. This summer, bandeau tops with terry cloth fabric and more retro design promise to be a timelessly trendy choice. This strapless style is perfect for tanning and accentuating collar bones and shoulders while still offering a good amount of support.

Bandeau Bikini Tops by Petty-boii
Petty-boii Bikini Tops

Additionally, bandeau tops merge beautifully with other 2022 trends by offering styles with cut-outs, embellishments, and draping or ruffled fabric folds. Wherever you spend this summer, obtaining a glowing tan while looking flawless is easily attainable with a bandeau-style top.

Brazilian Bikini Bottoms

This extra-cheeky swimsuit bottom style encapsulates multiple styles and fabric trends for this summer. As with cheeky bottoms, picking a Brazilian pair with long, dangling ties is an easy way to elevate a simple look and make it something stunning. And, because of the natural high sit of Brazilian bottoms, they also meet the ageless high-waisted, high-leg trend we saw this past year.

Both the thin strip of fabric in the back and the tie’s high fit on the waist beautifully capitalize on natural curves while simultaneously heightening your wildest expectations. This revealing style of bikini bottoms is proving more popular by the year, and for good reason.

Cheetah Print

Python and crocodile prints have taken a back seat this summer, paving the way for the reemergence of cheetah print. With its flattering colours and bold design, the reason why is clear.

Cheetah print is one of the hot swimwear trends for 2022
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Be sure to grab this fickle trend while it lasts, as cheetah print often comes and goes just as fast as summer. Pairing this print with a racy, cut-out two-piece or monokini is a stunning way to incorporate this trend during the summer of 2022.

Earth Tones

Though subtle earth tones promise to make a splash this summer, the colours by no means must be dull. Shades of orange, red, blush, and terracotta is flattering on a variety of skin tones and exceptionally on-trend for this summer. Different shades of green fit this idea as well, from leafy greens to softer olive and army greens.

Earth tones are 2022's hottest swimwear trends
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