Bikini Etiquette You Should Know About

bikini no no's do's and dont's as a form of etiquette to wearing bikinis

When it comes to bikinis, there are different sets of rules depending on what you’re doing. However, most of these codes apply in any situation, whether at the beach or having a pool party at home. Bikini Etiquette is a set of rules and guidelines you should follow if you want to wear this bathing […]

The Upside Down Bikini Trend

pinterest image of upside down bikini top

The upside-down bikini trend began three years ago after model Valentina Fradegrada posted the style on her Instagram. It was quickly copied. Many other models and influencers gave the look a shot contributing to the popularity of the upside-down bikini trend.  View this post on Instagram A post shared by V A L E N […]

Boob Jobs & Bikinis: What You Should Know Before Buying

swimsuits for breast implants

Buying a new bikini can feel disorienting and challenging after a boob job, which can be an annoying side-effect of the procedure’s merits. A growth in your cup size can make bikini tops and styles fit odd, feel uncomfortable, or turn a once high-support top into one that barely keeps you covered. All the great […]

6 Different Ways to Tie A Bikini Top

Triangle bikinis are the superheroes of the swimsuit world. They’re always in style, come in an infinite amount of colours and designs, and can be worn in different ways. You don’t need a drawer full of new bikini tops each year to stay in style or just to find a new look you love-all you […]

Best Swimsuits For A Small Chest

Best Swimsuits For A Small Chest

While there is a bit more freedom and variety available for those challenged in the boob department, there are just as many downsides when it comes to swimsuit styles. Those in the small bust community run into issues like gaps in the fit, billowing fabric, sometimes an overall saggy look you don’t want tagging along […]

Swimsuit Outfit Ideas For 2022

With temperatures rising, beach days and swimsuits cross our minds more than ever. You may be thinking of new styles you want to try, new colors and designs, or you’re trying to plan some swimsuit outfit ideas for your next vacation. Because no swimsuit should be limited to warm weather and sunny skies. That’s why […]

Best Swimsuits For A Short Torso

Short torso woman floating on inflatable lips

Finding the best swimsuits for a short torso can be a frustrating task–but it doesn’t have to be. Plenty of styles exists that draw the eyes up to help to elongate the entire body, from your legs up through your torso. Different cuts, colours, and designs also help to shift focus to certain areas of […]

Bikini Tops For Big Busts

Bikini shopping can be an especially difficult experience for women with bigger busts. Bikini tops for big busts are often not nearly as cute and trendy as the standard-sized tops, or they just don’t fit. This lack of support and style is one of the major reasons why finding a bikini top made for bigger […]

Tips On Finding Figure Flattering Bathing Suits

Finding a figure-flattering bathing suit that not only looks good but feels good is an annual challenge that can become increasingly frustrating (especially as our bodies change and flux over the years!) Generally, women’s body types fall into a few different categories. These categories act as somewhat of a cheat sheet for finding figure-flattering bathing […]

2022’s Hottest Swimwear Trends

Summer is fast approaching–are you ready for it? For most of us, this warm part of the year is something we constantly look forward to, especially during these winter months. Choosing swimsuits for the summer season is nearly as enjoyable as the swimming itself, and the hottest swimwear trends for summer 2022 promise to flatter […]