Buying a new bikini can feel disorienting and challenging after a boob job, which can be an annoying side-effect of the procedure’s merits. A growth in your cup size can make bikini tops and styles fit odd, feel uncomfortable, or turn a once high-support top into one that barely keeps you covered. All the great bonuses for a bikini boob job feel a bit less grand in a dressing room filled with tops that aren’t cutting it. Having a boob job also comes with some precautions to follow, which can make the swimsuit shopping process even tougher. Fear not, we’ve got answers. 

Katie Price with a bikini boob job
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You’re likely already familiar with the general rules and precautions following a breast augmentation procedure. Your doctor should have informed you to keep them supported, don’t swim or take baths while the incisions are healing, and allow time for swelling to reduce before rushing into bikini purchases. 

With those general guidelines being followed, and with your breasts given proper healing time, you’re ready to step into the bikini season. But what happens now? There are a few tips and ‘rules’ you should keep in mind as you shop for a post-boob job bikini. 

Your top size likely won’t match your bottom size

After a boob job, your sizing is going to change for your top half. While you may be a size medium throughout your waist and legs, a boob job can make size-medium bikini tops fail to fit as they once did. That’s why it’s a good idea to start shopping for each piece of your bikini separately. Think of a larger top with your regular-sized bottoms. But on that note…

Choose tops sized like bras and lingerie, not as small, medium or large

A bikini top that’s sized like lingerie will give you the best fit and support. Try for cups like these when it’s applicable, named as 34DD, 36DD, etc. Not all bikini tops can accommodate breasts that standard sizing wouldn’t decree a ‘medium’, so finding a top that follows bra sizing is your best shot at a perfect fit. 

Avoid underwire after a boob job

Underwire can damage healing skin. The incisions made during a breast augmentation need ample time to heal, even once the wounds themselves have fully closed. Scar tissue can become irritated after the constant pressure from the underwire. In the worst cases, the wiring can tear the incisions open again. Avoid underwiring in your bikinis, unless your surgeon approves it. 

Chloe Ferry in a skimpy bikini after breast implants
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Make support a high priority as you shop

Support is important after a bikini job for two reasons: practicality and maintenance. This is especially true after recent boob jobs. The implants themselves are often heavier than natural breast tissue, which makes ample support more necessary for comfort and for keeping your results. Plus, extra support helps you do all the fun things beaches and pools offer, like wave-splashing or just casual swimming. 

Best top and cup styles after a boob Job

With those last few tips in mind, you can begin your bikini search with confidence. Look for tops that offer support and lack underwire as your general rules of thumb, though there are other style elements that will help fit and complement your new assets. 

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Look for bikini tops with moulded cups.

Bikini tops that follow bra and lingerie sizing will typically have moulded cups. These cups are shaped, like bras, to best cup and support your breasts. They offer gentle lift and keep everything in place, which you’ll appreciate when it comes time to venture into the water this summer. 

Learn different ways you can tie your bikini top as well. Having the extra options will not only elevate your style but also find the most comfortable way of wearing your top.

Look for halter tops with wide straps.

Halter tops offer support and lift without the potentially unsafe addition of underwire. Pairing this style with thick straps to loop around your neck makes it even sturdier and comfier. While we’re talking straps, you may also want to try a bikini top that ties in the back, as opposed to a clip or fasten back. This helps you adjust the final fit and amplify the top’s support. 

Look for sporty styles.

The sporty look gently supports and lifts post-boob job breasts. These tops almost never have underwire, and their straps are typically akin to sports bra straps-nice and thick. With that support, you’ll get a good amount of coverage too, which is important for protecting scar tissue from the sun’s rays. Deeper scoop-neck styles help reveal your body’s new look while still keeping plentiful lift and support. 

Look for bikini tops made out of stretchy or scrunched fabric.

This look is both cute and highly functional for women who have just had a boob job. Scrunch fabrics typically incorporate elastic to get their unique ruched or scrunched look, which is perfect for fitting a variety of breast sizes. In this case, you’d likely be safe wearing your typical size, as the top’s fabric will naturally accommodate for larger boobs. And this textured look is on trend this year, making it even better.