Bikini shopping can be an especially difficult experience for women with bigger busts. Bikini tops for big busts are often not nearly as cute and trendy as the standard-sized tops, or they just don’t fit. This lack of support and style is one of the major reasons why finding a bikini top made for bigger busts can feel like such a wild-goose chase, but luckily, there are options out there. As long as you’re keeping an eye out for certain styles and fits, the door to bikini freedom swings wide open.

Tops With Underwire

One of the key elements in finding a bikini top that’s truly supportive is the underwire. Normally found in bras, this supportive component is making its way into more and more bikini tops–which is great news for those needing that extra touch of support. Underwire is also working its way into more and more styles of tops, in cuts that are just as cute as any standard size.

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Tops With Greater Coverage

It stands to reason that more fabric will offer more support and security–but more fabric certainly doesn’t mean less style. Look for full-coverage tops in cute prints and bold colours to keep a high level of chic without sacrificing any comfort or support. You’ll want to focus on extra material around the sides and back. as this will help hold everything in and keep you feeling secure during a swim.

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Tops With Adjustable And Thick Straps

Width and adjustability are your two best friends when it comes to finding a supportive top for bigger busts. Wide adjustable straps will allow for those small fit adjustments needed to make a suit perfect for everybody, and with greater width, you’ll keep that coveted support no matter how you adjust your top. And, wide straps are relatively simple to find on all styles of swimsuit tops, making your bikini search that much easier.

Tops With Molded Cups

Moulded cups offer support and lift much as the underwire does. These bikini tops for big busts fit similar to a bra, but oftentimes they are created with unique colours, fabrics, and even interesting fabric placements to set them far apart from underclothes. One of the best things about this style is the versatility it offers–with more supportive cups, you’ll have greater flexibility in the cut of the top and the size of its straps.

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Bustier Tops

Bustier bikini tops take three super supportive style elements and combine them into one: underwire, moulded cups, and extra coverage. They are one of the best options for nailing both style and practicality. The moulded cups and underwire of this style mimic the effect and look of a bra, but with greater coverage at the bottom, you won’t look like you are wearing a bra if that’s not your thing. And as a bonus, the straps on this style are typically adjustable, though they may not be as thick as other styles.

Halter Tops

If you’re looking for a lift, support, and comfort, halter tops may be your knight in shining armour. This style offers a range of adjustability as the straps tie around the back of the neck, and some styles even tie around the back for greater adjustability. One of the most comfortable aspects of this style is the around-the-neck fit, which takes away the pressure from your shoulders and keeps those annoying straps from digging in. And, with the growing popularity and classic style of halter tops, you’ll be sure to find one that you love.

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High-Neck One-Pieces

They’re not actually bikini tops for big busts but one-pieces arguably offer the most support and peace of mind, and if you opt for a high-necked style, this support and comfort will match what you need if you have a bigger bust. The colours and styles of this fit are also widely expansive, assuring that you’ll find a suit you love. This style also incorporates the lift and security of a halter top, which may be just what you need for a beach day.

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Tops With Mesh Cut-Outs

Mesh cut-outs offer support and style in ways that complete cut-outs cannot. With the mesh in place, you’ll be able to show some skin without sacrificing that much-needed support and lift. This is great for showing off cleavage or flattering your figure with cut-outs throughout the waist and torso.