Everyone knows that beach bodies are made in the winter! Kick-off 2022 with healthy habits you can do now that your booty will thank you for. You’re gonna want to be out all summer in those cheeky bikinis. This is definitely your year! These workout tips for a bikini beach booty will only take 10 minutes.

A beach booty found on Reddit wearing a bikini
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You can trade in hanging out on the couch or in between meetings for well-deserved glute activation and much-needed booty health. You’ve gotten this far with your goals, let’s prioritize booty confidence in our bikini body & get totally beach ready!

So here’s the breakdown. No fancy tricks or equipment. Just consistency and willpower. Commit to 30 days, only 10 minutes a day to see the results from a daily habit that you’ll want to get up for.

It’s never the wrong time to try something new and your body will appreciate all the gains. There are three very important parts to every workout and in order to get the most out of your time, these steps should not be missed. Make sure to warm up, complete strengthening exercises and don’t forget to stretch/cool down.  

beach booty wearing a bikni
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WARM-UP (1-2 minutes)

Warming up our body for exercise is essential to getting the blood flowing and waking up the body parts. To get the most out of our 10 minutes, dedicate one to two minutes for quick jumping jacks, high knees and butt kicks. Do each warm-up exercise for 30 seconds, with 10-second breaks in between.

Our muscles are a lot like spaghetti pasta noodles. When they’re resting, they are like firm noodles and are more susceptible to breaking/injury. Like noodles needing to be boiled, our muscles need to be activated through a short warm-up for optimal performance.

Booty workout tips you need to know


beach booty workout with donkey kicks

(2:00 OR 25 reps each leg)

Get on all fours (hands and knees), core engaged. Inhale, bring your leg in and exhale, push your leg up high towards the ceiling, making a 90-degree angle in the air. Hold at the highest point, glute engaged and repeat. Continue on the other leg. 


(2:00 OR 25 reps each leg) 

While you’re still on all fours with your core engaged, lift your leg out to the side to target the outer glute muscles. This is perfect for curvier hips too. Try hitting two or three different points when your leg is lifted. It’ll get the booty working and always hold at the highest point. Repeat on the next leg. 


(2:00 OR 25 reps each leg) 

  1. On all fours, extend your leg straight and back.
  2. Sweep your leg from one side to the other, making high kicks like a rainbow.
  3. Complete 25 rainbows on each leg. 

In this exercise, it’s not about how fast you can go but more so on the control and muscle engagement with each kick over and back. This is also going to activate the entire leg muscle for toned quads and calves. All adding to our great bikini beach body.

mazing butt on reddit

Cool down

That wasn’t bad at all! End off your bikini beach booty gains workout with a STRETCH/COOL DOWN (2:00) for the ultimate unwind and relaxation for your muscles. Stretch what feels good to you, with long inhales and longer exhales. Take the time to thank your body for the work you put in through breathing. It’s not much at all to do something for your summer booty. Why not start today! Whether it’s by the pool or your next destination, your cheeky bikini is needing your best beach buns. All you need is 10 minutes for a rounder butt.

Stay cheeky and love that booty!