While there is a bit more freedom and variety available for those challenged in the boob department, there are just as many downsides when it comes to swimsuit styles. Those in the small bust community run into issues like gaps in the fit, billowing fabric, sometimes an overall saggy look you don’t want tagging along with you to the beach. This is our motivation in bringing to you the best swimsuits for a small chest.

(Not small chested? You may want to see our ideas on bikini tops for big busts)

No one is truly free from swimsuit shopping frustrations, whether you’re small-chested or big-boobed. The best swimsuit top for you will depend on your goals. Do you want to enhance, distract, or simply keep in place?

Knowing what you’d like to accomplish is the first step in finding a perfect bikini top for this summer. Choose any of these swimsuit styles this summer and kiss those woes goodbye.

Triangle Tops

This style is a classic go-to for a reason. For small-chested women, triangle tops give you the option to show more skin without the risk of showing a bit more than you intended. And for most triangle tops, you’ll have more than one way to wear them. This is especially true for women with small chests, as support and coverage don’t need as much prioritization. 

Bebe Rexha in a triangle top which is one of the best swimsuits for small chests
Image source: Bebe Rexha/Instagram

Front-tied Tops

Tops with a tie in the middle accomplish two things: enhancement and distraction. With an adjustable tie across your chest, you can adjust how and where your breasts sit. With a tighter fit, you can get a push-up effect, while a looser fit offers more coverage. The tie in the middle adds an interesting detail, drawing the eyes to the tie as the main focal point of your top. 

Sweetheart Necklines

Tops with sweetheart necklines give the illusion of a fuller chest just with the cut of their fabric. This style is also becoming trendier by the year, with many swimwear brands integrating sweetheart necklines into their popular styles. Sweetheart necklines look great with strapped or strapless tops, offering you more versatility. 

A sweetheart neckline can make your chest look fuller like this pic of Georgia Fowler
Image source: www.sassydaily.com

Middle Cut-outs

A crescent-shaped cut-out between the breasts looks especially flattering on small-chested women. The cut-out offers the chance to show a little more skin without sacrificing durability or comfort. The under-boob location of the cut-out is perfect for those who don’t have cleavage but would still like a sexy look. 

Best One-Piece For A Small Chest

One-pieces are perhaps the best option for ladies wanting to get the most out of having a small chest. Think cut-outs, plunging V-necks, open backs–you can have it all. 

Bare Backs / Halter Tops

A bare-backed look is especially flattering paired with a halter tie. Without worrying about keeping much in place, you can choose as much or as little coverage in the front as you’d like. A bare-backed suit is a great option for those who want a unique pop of skin.

Deep V-Necks

Small-chested women have the power to wear a riskier V-neck style without all the risk. A deep V accentuates what you have and flatters you from your neck down. One-pieces with V-necks can dip even deeper, adding pizzazz and style to even the simplest colours and designs. 

Look For Adjustability 

You can make any style feel tailor-made if you keep an eye out for adjustable straps and ties–especially around your bust. Ties or straps around the waist can be pulled tighter, helping you avoid the dreaded baggy look up top. And with this strappy look becoming more stylish by the year, it won’t be hard to find a piece perfect for you. 

Best Swimsuits For A Small Chest And Full Stomach 

If you’re more apple-shaped, with a bigger stomach and a small chest, different textures, fabric ties, and colour blocks will look especially flattering on you.

Ruched Tankinis

A ruched top section looks flattering for smaller chests, especially paired with a flowy tankini top. And if the flowy look isn’t for you, try a ruched tankini that stays ruched down. Look for side details and bright colours to make this style even more flattering. 

ruched tankinis are best swimsuits for  a small chest and full stomach
Image source: prevention.com

Colour Blocks

Different blocks or lines of colour help add shape and definition. You can apply this to a one-piece or a bikini set. For a one-piece, opt for designs with slanted colour blocks that meet below the ribs to give you a curvier look. 

Wrapped Details

Wrapped fabric that cuts across the waist and stomach adds flattering definition to your figure. Try pairing this style with a plunging V-neck or a sweetheart neckline for an amazing overall look.