Maintaining a beach skincare routine is an effective way to keep your skin looking good day after day. The warm summer months bring some extra challenges in the skincare department, though. Beach days and pool excursions throw a wrench in our usual routines after so much exposure to sunlight, wind, and sand. Your beach skincare routine should then look a little different. A bit more moisturizing and a lot more sunscreen are the pillars of beach skincare routines, plus a few extra tips and hacks to keep your skin glowy and healthy all summer long.

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Sunscreen is the most important part of your beach skincare routine. Without it, your skin would have no protection from prolonged exposure to UV rays. A lack of sunscreen can lead to premature wrinkles and dark spots, as well as skin cancer-all of which you’ll want to avoid. Use a generous amount of sunscreen twenty minutes before arriving at the beach for maximum effect.

using sunscreen is one of the steps in our beach skincare routine
Apply sunscreen 20 min before you’re in the sun!

Allowing some time for absorption helps your sunscreen do its job to its best ability. Be sure to reapply your sunscreen, too. Every two hours is recommended, but it could be as soon as thirty minutes if you’re splashing in rough waves or playing water sports. Lip balm with sunscreen is also essential. Look for over 15 SPF on your balm and regular sunscreen-the higher the better. 

Stay hydrated

This applies to your time at the beach and during your beach skincare routine. Be sure to drink plenty of water while you’re under the sun to maximize the strength of your sunscreen and the resilience of your skin.

woman drinking water to keep skin hydrated

For your evening routine…

1. Cleanse thoroughly 

Once you’re home, give your face some extra attention. Blown-around sand, dirt, and various beach debris can combine with wind to create an extremely drying effect. You may notice dirt in your pores and wrinkles, seemingly cemented in with old sunscreen. 

You’ll likely need a stronger face wash for this job, one that’s oil-based to remove some of the properties of sunscreen (like zinc). Following your oil-based wash with a gentle face wash. Water-based is a good idea. Pat dry and check for any sand or dirt that managed to hideaway. 

2. Use a serum

The focus of the next few steps in your routine should be moisture. Your skin needs a generous helping of replenished moisturizer, and serums can help with that. Hyaluronic acid draws in moisture to the skin, helping it plump back up and regain its glow. 

Use a full dropper of a hyaluronic acid serum or another similar serum with moisturizing power. 

A serum and moisturizer will get your skin beach ready

3. Use a creamy moisturizer 

After applying serum and patting it in, you can move on to your skin’s summer friend: moisturizer. A thick, creamy moisturizer that you can apply in a generous layer works best. For ease, apply the most moisturizer at night to allow it to absorb unhindered. 

You’ll wake up with replenished skin that’s ready for another day at the beach. Avoid moisturizers with colors or fragrances for best results, and keep in mind any oil sensitivities you may have. 

4. If needed, apply aloe vera and vitamin C

Aloe vera and vitamin C both help reverse the damage from UV rays. If you skimped on sunscreen or forgot it, or just burned through it, adding aloe vera and vitamin C to your beach skincare routine is a great idea. The two are also soothing on burnt skin, which can help make sleep easier. 

What not to do before heading to the beach 

Just like there are beneficial steps to take before going to the beach, there are also negative ones. They can be tricky to avoid, as they’re often part of our normal skincare routines, but knowing what they are sets you up for success. 

Don’t Wear Makeup

Foundation or concealer can hamper the protection of sunscreen, especially if you’re reapplying. Since you’ll likely be reapplying often (or at least you should!), the foundation becomes an impractical hassle. 

woman with makeup showing what NOT to do for beach skincare

It’s possible to wear beneath your sunscreen, but not for a long day at the beach. Going bare is your best option for a day in the waves. Your skin will also be less prone to drying without any makeup on it. 

Don’t Exfoliate

Exfoliating your skin removes a layer of dead skin cells, which exposes fresh skin underneath. Normally this is beneficial, but for your pre-beach routine, skip this step. You’ll burn easier with a fresh layer of skin exposed and be more prone to drying and cracking. 

Don’t Wax For 24 Hours Prior

Waxing your face has the same effect as exfoliating. A layer of skin comes off with any unwanted hairs, which could leave your full face, or portions of it, more exposed. Waxing also dries and irritates the skin, which is something you’ll want to avoid before spending hours beneath the sun.

Woman laying on a tanning chair but out of the sun to protect her skin

Final thoughts…

Don’t just think you can get beach-ready by keeping your skin healthy-keep your body healthy too! Try our bikini beach booty workout to get your blood going and your booty pumping!