Our new way of life, deserving of every inch in detail. Specific, cutting edge, and bold. A culture of rule-breakers, go-getters, thought provokers, neck turners. We are redefining icons. Making cheeky appearances and breaking boundaries. Welcome to Petty-boii’s Cheeky Swimsuits Collection.

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We take our dreams seriously. We experience life by the wheel and we drive that baby. Always in control, staying true to our course, and fully aware of our power. We are motivated by purpose and live passionately. On the edge. In the heat of the moment. From coast to coast.

Petty is standing up for what you believe in, regardless if others don’t believe in you. It’s about knowing your truth, sticking to your gut, and walking with true confidence. We’re petty by nature, attracted to the finer things in life. We’re petty by experience because we’ve loved and lost. So petty behavior, in its simplest terms, is the purest expression of raw, vivid, colorful living.

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The Cheeky Collection

The first impression is our best impression. Unapologetically bold and vibrant, The Cheeky Swimsuits Collection brings your new sexy statement with cheeky swimsuit bottoms. Designed to empower and built to last, experience quality in an elevated state of mind. Petty is proud. So go on, Be Petty.

Midnight Briy

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